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Terlingua sign.

Ghost Town

Big Bend National Park.
Big Bend Parks

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The Terlingua Cemetery.

The Ghost Town

Yes, ghosts. Literallly and figuratively. Once a thriving mercury mine, home of the Chisos Mining Company, this is now a real world museum. Explore the miners' homes, marvel at the owner's hilltop mansion, and visit their church.

In the Ghost Town, admission is free. So are the fossils. Boo.

Photo session at the Terlingua Trading CompanyDoorway in the ruins.Ruins in the Ghost Town.Memorial display.Viper Crossing sign.St. Agnes Church.Sign for walking tour.Ghost Town fossil.Night at Terlingua Cemetery.Visitor exploring the ruins.Interior of St. Agnes Church.Perry Mansion before restoration. Sign for the Ghost Town.Ruins in the Ghost Town. Photo Op in the ruins.