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Ghost Town

Big Bend Parks

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Big Bend Holiday Hotel

If you'd like to stay overnight in the Terlingua area, the best joint in town is the Big Bend Holiday Hotel. We highly recommend it because it's our hotel and we do our best to make your stay a wonderful experience.

People come from all over to watch the Ghost Town sunset, but our guests get to watch the equally magical sunrise the next morning.

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Nestled amid the actual Ghost Town ruins, this secluded home-away-from-home getaway lets you also getaway from the kids, but keep them under the same roof. You're in easy walking distance of the Ghost Town, the church, the Starlight Theatre restaurant and bar, the cemetery, and the front porch.

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Originally built as a trading post overlooking the Rio Grande, this is now a great place to relax -- just down the road.

So you're cordially invited to stop by. Leave the tuxedo and top hat at home.
Bring a friend if you've got one. If not, you'll meet someone interesting when you get here. Just keep your dog off the porch.